This is an example and a working model of the site,

representing you personally and your services.

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Clicking here or on the figure for transitijn to the SITE
Clicking here or on the figure for transitijn to the SITE
Clicking here or on the figure for transitijn to the SITEClicking here or on the figure for transitijn to the SITE


If you search for work, clients or partners for your services, or you are simply a writer, a journalist, an artist, a photographer, an actor, a doctor etc.,

such site is simply necessary for you!

The frame of the site is anticipated for active people of creative professions, which have something to tell and to offer other people.

Have you noted, that familiar people are more readily hired and taken as partners, and clients go to the familiar experts? Your personal site is both the dress the people will meet you in, and the demonstration of mind the people will accept you for! Your personal site due to the stories of your life, your work and achievements, and photos confirming all this, can help employers, prospective partners and clients to learn you. If you're looking for job, a reference to your personal site in your resume will give you more chances for an interview and will save a lot of questions. An indication of your site's address in your business cards, forms, booklets etc. will positively describe you and will attract new clients and partners.

 To get a site like this, it is necessary to select a variant of design from the offered, to prepare photos and text, you want to place on pages, to send them to me by E-mail or by letter, to agree about the payment of works.

Here you can view recommendations on word processing and photos, variants of design.


The frame of the site, its informational filling, as well as graphic design, can be added and supplemented according to your wishes for additional payment.

Your site will be ready within a week after obtaining materials and its main pages will be placed in the section "Portfolio" of my personal site for viewing and correction.

The materials of the site will be transferred to you by E-mail after the payment of  the full sum. If you wish I'll also transfer them to one of the servers of the free Web-hosting and send you the address.

Yours faithfully, Sergey Bondarev
E-mail: or

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