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Sergey Bondarev Web-design studio

69/84 Geroev Dniepra st., Cherkassy,

18000, Ukraine.


Fone/Fax: (3) (8) (0472) 54-15-86


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Sergey Bondarev   ENGL

Resume of the chief of the studio.

I offer cooperation to interested persons and organizations:

Services in preparation of materials for the Internet - projects, creation, registration, filling, support of sites, creation of banners, trade marks, rollers of Flash-animation, other editorial and design works for Web. Design services through the Internet.


Fundamental arts education, knowledge of bases of documentation combined with technical literacy, analytical type of thinking and art abilities allow to solve difficult questions of preparation and creation of the Internet - projects on a high level, to carry out other works for Web, and also to carry out design works on a high level.

I mastered the majority of software packages focused on Web-programming, modeling and design under DOS and Windows 3х-9х-Ме-ХР, including "MS FrontPage", graphic packages from Adobe and Corel, "Macromedia Flash 5-MX-8", "3D Studio MAX 3-6" at the level, sufficient for works of high complexity. The winner of competition of Web-design in nomination "the best humanitarian project"on the fourth International forum "the World of high technologies HI-TECH 2003". (project "CANCER... The life continues!"

The doctor of high category. Diplomaed expert in psychiatry and addictology, endoscopy and ultrasonic diagnostics. The basic activity is connected with endoscopic and ultrasonic diagnostics.


Computers, information technologies:

A passion for computer engineering and information technologies for more than 15 years. 10-years' experience of practical use of computer engineering and information technologies in medicine (installation, adjustment and servicing of computers on workplaces of medical workers, creation and servicing of medical databases, work with office and graphic software packages, creation, editing and text translation on medical subjects, design works for establishments and for Internet, training of the personnel to work with computers and programs).

Experience of work in the Internet. During 3 years I cooperate with sites on medical subjects on preparation and design of articles. Author of the several independent Internet - projects. Founder and the chief of the bstudio of Web-design "Sb-studio" (


I have more than 20-year's experience in endoscopic bronchology, 10-year's experience endoscopy of intestinal tract, 8-year's experience in ultrasonic diagnostics of diseases of abdomen organs, urogenital system. I am familiar with all methods of endoscopic diagnostics and treatment, ultrasonic diagnostics. I don't deal with psychiatry and addictology (previous experience is more than 5 years).

Working career:

Since February, 1981 till the present time - Cherkassy regional antituberculosis dispensary.

July, 1980 - February, 1981 - Regional psychiatrist - addictologist of Stavyshchensky region, Kiev area.

July 1979 - July, 1980 - Kiev regional insane hospital.


Since 1988 till the present time - constant studying of computer science and computer facilities, programming languages and software packages, sometimes independently and sometimes with the help of the diplomaed experts. 

Constant self-education in various areas connected with design, editorial activity, information culture and psychology.

Vinnitsa medical Institute named after N. Pigorov, 1979.

Initial specialization in psychiatry and addictology, Kiev, 1980. Courses of specialization 1981, 1986.

Courses of specialization on bronchology and endoscopy, Kiev, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2002.

Initial specialization in ultrasonic diagnostics, Kharkov, 1996. Courses of specialization, Kiev, 2001.

The additional information:

Major sense of personal responsibility for excellence in the performed work. High trainability, high serviceability. I draw by hand, I am fond of photo, design and sewing of clothes, sports (tennis, swimming).

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Home.Services.Portfolio.Map of the site.