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Sergey Bondarev Web-design studio

69/84 Geroev Dniepra st., Cherkassy,

18000, Ukraine.


Fone/Fax: (3) (8) (0472) 54-15-86


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In brief about us.   RUS

The broadest possibilities:

The studio has 4 years experiences of activity. And there is a victory in Web-design competition of the 4-th International forum "The World of High Technologies Hi-Tech 2003" on her account already (More in detail).

It is the ideal solution for you, if you need an image site, which represents and advertises you personally, your firm or your production.

Not only ideal, but also unique possibilities in creation and further support of sites on medical subjects.Not only ideal, but also unique possibilities in creation and further support of sites on medical subjects, as the studio chief himself is a highly skilled doctor.

The possibility to order the project "on a turn-key basis" is represented for the customers of Cherkassy, as the studio has everything necessary for preparation of any text and graphic materials, creation of digital photos, scanning.

The widest opportunities on short-term and long-term cooperation with any interested persons, including Web-masters, on creation of banners, trade marks, rollers of Flash-animation, creation of page design, any other design operations.

We offer architects, interior designers, designers of the household and industrial equipment to take advantage of our services for creation of the materials in " 3D Studio MAX" for presentations. The realistic visualization of the projects will allow you to lift your work with the partners and clients on a qualitatively new level.


Talented performers:The chief of the studio - talented Web-designer-amateur, doctor of a maximum category Sergey Bondarev.

The chief of the studio is a web-designer, who has proved his professionalism, doctor of a maximum category Sergey Bondarev (

The studio is oriented not on the constant workers, but on the qualified professionals who are involved when it is necessary for the concrete task (artists, programmers, translators, experts in certain areas according to the subject of the project). It allows to lift the quality of work on a higher level, to reduce costs, to make each solution a unique one.


Low prices:

The studio has grown from its chief's disinterested addicting by Web-design, so earning money is not the main purpose of its creation. You can see this from the absolutely free humanitarian projects, which the studio takes, for example "CANCER... The life continues" ( But any work for the indirect customer, as a rule, should be paid. The prices are contractual, much lower, than for the works of a similar level of other performers. The discounts and privileges are possible in case of humanitarian value of the project or its special originality.


Any materials can be transferred on email.Convenient link:

Any materials can be transferred on email or in other way which is convenient to you.



We guarantee, that you'll never regret having made an order



Home.Services.Portfolio.Map of the site.