The announcement of the International forum " The World of High Technologies Hi-Tech 2003 ".

I often met this announcement in different computer magazines. The decision to participate in the forum and competition has come not at once. " And why not, - I thought, - if I have what to show?"

The chief of the studio Sergey Bondarev  with the diploma confirming the victory in competition.And if I participate, it is better to do it on behalf of Web-design studio, instead of doing this as the designer-amateur-single. Moreover, the creation of the studio has already boiled up - during two years of work in the sphere of Internet technologies enough knowledge and experience is saved, the links with the experts are improved. Time has come to declare myself as a professional, not as an amateur. The site of the studio was created for a couple of days. I showed it to the friends, listened to their opinions, finished it, translated, published. Hurrah, the studio is ready! If you read this page, it means that you have already visited the site of the studio (

On the competition I have presented two works:

1. In nomination " electronic commerce " - the project " Visit YOUR site " ( This site is an offer to the active people of creative professions to think about the creation of their own site. The project " Visit YOUR site ". Here under a service skin two ready working models of image sites with various variants of registration are placed.  To help the potential customers we gave ready schemes of preparation of the information for filling such a site.

The project " CANCER... The life continues! ".2. In nomination " public and/or humanitarian project " - the project " CANCER... The life continues! " ( This large humanitarian project is intended for the people ill by a cancer and their relatives, for everybody interested in oncology problems and is designed for their active participation in its further development. There is a lot of information on all oncology directions, stated in the accessible form. Special attention is devoted to the nursing of the patients, relations with them, their psychological and spiritual support. The site was published half-year ago in July, 2002 and at once became the most visited resource on oncological subjects in the Ukrainian Internet.

Certainly, I anchored the greatest hopes on this project. A lot of work is put in it, and probably even more will be put in it in future. The original decisions both design, and conceptual can be found in it. Here my design abilities are combined with my knowledge and experience as a doctor.

Rewarding of the winner. Me!I shall not devote too much attention to the forum - exhibition itself. I shall note only, that it is a good opportunity to touch with your own hands to all those you read in computer magazines about. If you wish you can see some photos from Odessa.

On March 1 summarizing Web-design competition was held. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time and, naturally, worried.

And here it is, the result! Both project were highly appreciated by the jury, and the project " CANCER... The life continues! " was recognized to be the winner in nomination " The best humanitarian project ". Especially the jury has pointed the freshness and extraordinarity of the approaches and decisions used in my projects.

I am grateful for this high estimation. My professionalism is recognized! But I think, that I haven't yet told my last word as a Web-designer, it is not my last participation in competition and not the last victory. Let's work persistently and aim at greater!

More in detail about the forum and competition look in popular computer magazines, on sites of the sponsors and founders.More in detail about the forum and competition look in popular computer magazines, on sites of the sponsors and founders:

And I don't say good by to you. My Web-design studio "sb-studio" is always at your service!


Yours faithfully, Sergey Bondarev.